Video Submission Instructions

1. Make your videos according to the instructions given in the PDF list of obstacles, which you received via email after you registered.  You will need to make six different videos, one for each obstacle.  Get your camera placement as close as possible to what is stated in the instructions; if this is impossible in your circumstances, it may be better to choose another obstacle.  Remember, the judge can't judge what she or he can't see! 


Please make your videos in horizontal mode if you are using a phone (hold your phone horizontally/sideways). You will need a videographer or a tripod of some sort; "riders-eye" views are unacceptable.


Make your videos in the highest quality you can!  Low quality videos are very hard to judge.  We recommend at least 360p, but higher is better.

2. Upload your videos (one at a time) to YouTube or another publicly accessible video platform. 

How to create a YouTube account. Don't forget to designate each video's "Visibility" as either Public or Unlisted. Private videos cannot be viewed by the judge! If in doubt, send your URLs to a friend to see if they are viewable. If you submit Private videos you will receive a score of zero for those videos.

3. Go to the Video Entry form (button below) and enter your video URLs into the form, choosing the appropriate obstacle name from the drop-down menu. Cutting and pasting the URLs is the easiest way to do this. Double check that you have entered the correct URLs before submitting! If you made a mistake do not re-submit your videos; contact us at the email below, using the Contact Us button, or on Facebook!

4. Click "Submit" and you're done! You should receive a message that we received your videos.

"What should my video look like?"  Here is a perfect example: horse and rider are in frame the entire time, it shows the approach and completion of the obstacle, it is close enough that the judge can see it clearly, and it is short!