1. Exhibitors are encouraged to join the Facebook group at  No profanity, hate speech, offensive comments, politics, or bullying will be tolerated.  Violations will get you banned from the group and the competition with no refund!  The Facebook group is a great place to ask questions, talk to fellow competitors, and learn about special events like drawings.

2. REGISTRATION: Exhibitors must complete an electronic entry form by the ride's deadline.  Each ride needs a new form.  Deadlines are at the top of every page on this website.

3. VIDEOS: Each ride will have a published video deadline.  Videos must be uploaded to YouTube or another video hosting site, and a link to each video must be submitted via this website.  Each obstacle needs its own video, and each obstacle must be different.  No repeated obstacles, even if it is in a different location!  Read and follow the obstacle instructions exactly!

4. PAYMENT: Fees must be paid at the time of entry.  Payment is to be made via the online entry’s PayPal button. You do not need a PayPal account to pay

5. No refunds of entry fees for any reason.  We are providing an extended time period for this virtual competition to allow for complications due to weather and work/school schedules. Plan ahead, and don’t wait until the last minute to make and/or submit your videos!

6. One division per horse/rider team. The same horse may be ridden by different people, and a rider may enter more than one horse. A separate entry form is required for each horse/rider team.

7. No ponied horses in videos. We can’t stop you from ponying a horse on your ride; however, if you choose to pony, please safely tie up the ponied horse while making your videos.


1. Required tack: a saddle with stirrups and a girth (any discipline/type: western, English, Australian stock, dressage, endurance, treeless, trail, side saddle) and headgear (bridle, bit-less bridle, bosal, hackamore, side-pull, riding halter, etc.). The headgear must have reins attached, one on each side of the neck. Bareback pads are not considered saddles.

2. Bits and reins:

A. A rider may ride two handed only with a bosal, bitless bridle, halter, sidepull, Kimberwicke bit, or snaffle bit; riders using a full English bridle/double bridle (bradoon + curb), may also ride two-handed.  Riders using two-handed reining may switch to one-handed reining only if required to complete an obstacle (i.e. a gate).  Note: a snaffle bit does not have shanks of any length. See pictures below for examples.


















B. Any shanked bit (regardless of mouthpiece) or shanked hackamore MUST be used one-handed. Riders riding one-handed may not switch to two-handed reining at any time. See pictures below for examples.














3. While your videos may be made over the course of several days/rides, your tack must stay consistent during that month's ride.  No changes of bridles, saddles, or bits from video-to-video.  You may, however, change tack from month to month.

4. No training equipment such as draw reins or training forks is allowed; no martingales, tie-downs, or any other head restraining equipment.

5. Hoof boots ARE allowed.  Leg protection is also allowed as long as it does not present a safety issue.

6. Fly bonnets/nets that cover the horse’s ears are allowed.  Nets that cover more than the ears are also allowed as long as the horse's vision is not obstructed.

7. Attire: dress as you would on the trail, as appropriate for your discipline and the weather while keeping in mind that you are being judged.

a. Long Pants appropriate for your discipline.  This could be jeans, breeches, riding tights, or other appropriate riding pants.  No shorts.
b. Boots or other riding shoes with a heel.  No bare feet, no sandals, no shoes without heels (i.e. sneakers).
c. A long-sleeved, short-sleeved shirt or sleeveless shirt.  Please no spaghetti straps, bikini tops, halter tops, etc.

8. Grooming: While we don’t expect horses to be groomed for a show, we do expect a healthy hair coat, mane and tail free of tangles, good body condition, and maintained hooves that show your horse is properly cared for.


1. Each obstacle must be videoed continuously with no editing.  Exception: videos may be edited at beginning and end to edit out non-competitive actions (turning on the camera, getting into position, turning off camera, etc.). Each obstacle must have its own video. 

2. Videos must be filmed on a trail, bridle path, or other non-arena setting.  A large pasture or field is also acceptable.  Any exceptions to this rule will be given in the obstacle menu. 

3. Videos must be filmed in horizontal (hold phone sideways) mode with SOUND ON. No music, please. Make your videos in the highest quality you can!  Low quality videos are very hard to judge.  We recommend at least 360p, but higher is better.

4. Obstacles may not be combined.  For example, if you cross a log while walking up a steep hill, you can only submit this video for ONE of those two obstacle types. 

5. Place your camera according to the instructions for each obstacle, to the best of your ability.  Remember, the judge can’t score what she or he can’t see!  Read and follow the obstacle instructions exactly!  You will receive the instructions upon registration.


6. Each month's videos must be dated on YouTube (or other video host) during the month of the ride. For example, November's videos must have an upload date between November 1 and 30. 

7. ENSURE THAT YOUR VIDEOS ARE VIEWABLE. On YouTube, if you set your videos to "Private" the judge cannot view them. If you submit Private videos, you will receive a score of zero on those videos. The easiest way to double-check that your videos are viewable is to text or email the URLs to a friend and have them try to view them.



By entering this online show, you agree to abide by the rules and understand that any violation of any of the above rules may be cause for disqualification or lost points with no refund of entry fees.  You acknowledge that an equine activity sponsor or judge is not liable for injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities, resulting from the inherent risk of equine activities.  Your entry and payment (or payment by your parent, guardian or other third party) constitutes your acknowledgement and agreement of the rules and liability regulations for your state. You acknowledge that your videos may be shared with members of the Virtual Competitive Trail Ride Facebook group and on this website. 

Kimberwick Bits

Kimberwick Bits

Snaffle Bits


Shanked Hackamore

Double or Full English Bridle

Shanked Bits