2021 Winter

Buckle Series

The 2021 Buckle Series runs from January to March, 2021





To be eligible for a Champion buckle in your division or other series awards, you must ride in all three rides.

1. Overall placing points for each ride will be added up and the highest combined placing points in a division wins the buckle.  Points are determined by your placing and the number of total riders.  You receive 1 point for riding, plus 1 point for each rider you place higher than.  For example, if there are 12 riders total and you place 3rd, you receive 1 point for riding and 9 points for the 9 riders you beat, for a total of 10 points.


2. Ties will be broken by counting the number of "10" scores each rider/horse team received in all 3 qualifying rides.  If no "10" scores were received, we will move on to "9.5" and so on.  If the tie can still not be broken, the number of .5-point bonus scores (this will include helmet bonuses) will be added up for each rider and the highest amount given will be the tie breaker.  Additional tie-breakers will be determined as needed, and may include random draw or coin flip.

3. Rider/horse teams must remain in the same division throughout the series.  Riders may compete in more than one division if using a different horse.  For example, Sally Sue may compete in Green Horse with Dually, and also compete in Intermediate on Sugar, but must remain in those divisions on those horses for the entire series. 

4. Riders may not switch horses and stay in the running for a buckle.  For example, if Dually above gets sick and cannot finish the series, Sally Sue may not substitute a new horse for the remainder of that division and still be in the running for the buckle.  She can use a new horse for individual rides and win individual ride prizes, however.

Series Awards

Series Champions: Each divisional champion will receive a Custom Buckle from Molly's Silver and a Champion rosette.

Series Reserve Champions: Each divisional reserve champion will receive a Kelly Herd necklace and a Reserve Champion rosette.


Kelly Herd Necklace